Who Is An Adult Foster Care (AFC) Caregiver?

A person selected, supervised and paid by MassHealth through the AFC Provider for the provision of direct care for member. The Caregiver provides 24/7 hours AFC Services to the member.

Caregiver Requirements: A Fortcom Health Care Manager and an Registered Nurse will meet with potential Caregivers at his/her home to discuss the AFC Program and to assess whether the Caregivers meets the following requirements:

  • Be a responsible person who is at least 18 years of age;
  • Not abuse alcohol or drugs;
  • Be able to devote appropriate time necessary to provide needed personal care to the member to ensure the Member’s safety and well-being at all times;
  • Have a physical and tuberculosis test within prior 12 months
  • Meet all other requirements of the AFC regulations

Certain relatives of a MassHealth member may serve as that member’s AFC Caregivers in a qualified setting. Excluded relatives are: a spouse, parent of a minor member, including adoptive parent, or any legally responsible relative of the member.

Caregivers Home Requirements: During the visit to the Caregivers Fortcom Health’s AFC Social Worker will conduct an assessment of the home to ensure it meets all requirements including:

  • A private residence located in Massachusetts; not subject to state licensure as another type of facility (e.g. group home);
  • Physically accessible to meet specific needs of its residents;
  • In good repair; compliant with local health, fire, occupancy and state building codes for residential dwellings; equipped with appropriate safety equipment; and
  • Occupied by no more than three AFC Member’s, no more than two of whom require Level II AFC services, regardless of type and payment source.
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